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The Chalets Area Real Estate

The Chalets homesites offer stunning visual aura, a sense of peaceful splendor like no other experience. The mountain peaks and distant horizon are painted in pink, purple, orange, red and yellow, in a palette only nature can create. Gradually, the sun rises higher and the light shifts, the warm colors giving way to the bright sky of day. If you are an early riser, this makes you smile but don’t worry if you’re the evening warrior, at sunset there is a repeat performance.

The Chalets homesites range in elevation of 8,600’ to 9,500’and offer slightly larger three-quarter acres to one acre parcels with a mixture of pines, aspens, junipers and scrub-oak. Majestic views to mountain meadows to wooded privacy. Angel Fire Resort offers homesites sprinkled around the front-side of the Ski Area.