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Q: I am considering buying a lot from the Resort. They provided me with various disclosure forms. What are these forms?
A: The Resort is a land developer. As such, it is required by both Federal and State law to provide various disclosure forms. These forms are as follows:

  • Property Report 2023 — click to view
  • PID Disclosures. All Angel Fire Resort owned properties located within the Public Improvement District Area are PAID! There is no annual assessment.
  • Covenants — click to view


Q:  I bought a lot next to my lot and want to combine them into one lot, how do I proceed?
A: The Village of Angel Fire has developed a lot combination procedure form which can be found on their website at  There are forms, deeds and other information which is very helpful.

One should check with the Angel Fire Resort membership office to ascertain whether the lot is deed restricted or otherwise limited by covenants regarding the annual membership dues.  There are certain lots in Angel Fire that require payment of the annual membership assessment on each lot regardless of a lot combination.  In other words, even though you combine your lots, you may still be required to pay 2 membership assessments.  Please check.

The Resort urges anyone considering combining to consult with an attorney or other professional before proceeding.

Angel Fire Resort current lot combination policy — click to view

Village Lot Combination Procedure — click to view


Q: I am buying a lot in Angel Fire. Is there a property owners association I am required to join?
A: Yes, Association of Angel Fire Property Owners

Q: Who is AAFPO?
A: Current sitting board

Q: I am buying a condo in Angel Fire, am I required to join both the condo association and AAFPO?
A: Yes, each individual condo units have a Condo Association and all condo associations belong to Association of Angel Fire Property Owners


Q:  What are the Angel Fire amenities?
A:  Ski Mountain, Golf Course, Club House, Olympic Park & Tennis Courts, RV Park/Stables/Greenbelts, Monte Verde Lake

Q:  Who owns & maintains the Angel Fire amenities?
A:  The Resort owns all of the amenities, AAFPO holds a Land Use Easement in the amenities that provides for specific uses as defined in the governing documents.

Q:  What are greenbelts and who can use them?
A:  Greenbelts are typically dedicated open areas designated for common benefit structures, park areas and other such uses approved by the Architectural Committee as being compatible with the intent of subdivision Dedications. Not all Tracts are considered Greenbelt, the Resort urges anyone with questions to the use of a Tract within Angel Fire Resort, should consult with EACC prior to purchasing.

Section 21 in Rules & Regulations-

21.1 Aspens subdivision greenbelts are privately owned and are available for the exclusive use of the property owners in that subdivision.

21.2 Common Use Greenbelts are bordered by private property. Accessing a greenbelt by crossing private property or going onto private property from a greenbelt is prohibited under all circumstances.

21.3 Members may use the common use greenbelts for hiking, snowshoeing, and mountain biking only.

21.4 Camping, campfires, outdoor grills, fireworks, and firearms are not permitted in any greenbelt.

21.5 Motorized vehicles are not permitted on the greenbelt open spaces.

21.6 Members may not fence, rope off, or otherwise obstruct a greenbelt.

21.7 Members may not dump or place anything in a greenbelt area. Whatever is brought onto the greenbelt must be carried out.

It is worth noting that members cannot cut trees or otherwise damage greenbelts without written permission from AAFPO, Angel Fire Resort and Village of Angel Fire.  The Resort will prosecute those who cause damage to any Greenbelt.


Q: We own property in the Country Club area, is that located within the Village of Angel Fire or the Resort?
A: The governing documents for Angel Fire Resort membership include various subdivisions including the Country Club subdivisions.

These subdivisions are listed as Exhibit A attached to the Supplemental Declaration of Restricted Covenants.

All of the listed subdivisions are within the Village of Angel Fire limits and were annexed into the Village in 1998.  The Village of Angel Fire provides various governmental services such as maintenance of the roads, water and waste water services, recycling and trash.

Helpful links:

Covenants and Restrictions are specific to subdivisions.

Village of Angel Fire Village Code

Environmental and Architectural Control Committee